5 Dorm Room Decor Ideas You’ll Love

2023 Dorm Room Trends

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Your Dorm Matters
As much as a lot of your time in college might be spent at the library..it’s also spent laying in bed. What more important place to decorate than your dorm room? Your new space that is now your home will be the beginning and end to all of your best days. Whether you’re into fairy core vibes for your dorm room, or you are going for more of a rockstar style, we’ve got everything you’ll need to make your space special! We made it easy and listed the best bedding, decor, lighting and accessories you’ll just have to have. Happy decorating!

1. Funky Mirrors as Wall Art

Who would’ve thought mirrors could be so pretty? Adding multiple mirrors to your wall will not only give your space a bigger feel, but will also add dimension and uniqueness to your dorm. Our set of mirrors is the perfect addition to any dorm room, and doesn’t take up any floor space. Intertwining these mirrors with curtain vine lights creates the perfect touch to your trendy space. You’ll find more fun wall art here.

2. Bedding Sets: Combining Comfort With Style

Nothing makes you feel more put-together than a matching set for your comfy corner! If you’re looking for a clean, slick, white feel, our chenille comforter set is the perfect pick for you. To spice up this comfortable set, add some adorable throw pillows including assorted colors, patterns, and graphics. Easily tie in specific themes like goin’ west by adding a cute cowboy boot or cow skull pillow!

Shop decorative pillows here.

3. Hanging Shelves: Need to Organize? Look No Further

Dorm space is limited, and you’ll need to keep yourself organized this school year. This sleek hanging shelf has room for all of your essentials on the go, with a hanging room for keys, backpacks, masks, purses; you name it! There’s also a perfect size bin to have your water bottle or snacks ready for you.

4. Diffusers For A Dorm You Want to Come Home to (That Smells Good!)

Don’t feel crammed in your room: enlighten the space with some essential oils or a diffuser! This will be a friend-maker on its own… Everyone will want to be in your room! The small space can tend to get smelly on its own, so these fresh scents will make sure your living space is as clean-smelling as can be.

5. Accents: The Final Touches

The last tip to spice up your dorm room are the little things: accents including our candy hearts book for your desk table, cowboy boot mini match holder to go along with the flower shaped candle beside it, and lastly, our multi-purpose paradise trinket dish to put your jewelry down on your bedside table.

Our Last Note
The dorm decor you choose will make your space into a home. By being creative with our wide range of bedding choices, you truly can’t go wrong with how you style your cozy space. Just be sure to make the most of your space for the year- it’s your home now!