Comfort is in Style: Today’s Hoodies Wearing Guidelines

Comfort is in Style: Today’s Hoodies Wearing Guidelines

Men’s Trends 2022

While button downs and collars have taken over trends recently, one thing has failed to ever go out of style: comfort. With work from home environments and everyday athleisure wear, dressing up or down your favorite hoodie has become easier than ever. Dress it up, dress it down, or find yourself in a neutral outfit; hoodies’ versatility has it all for you. Check out these guidelines to be best dressed effortlessly.

Go Monochrome

This one goes out to the simple guys: throwing on your favorite sweatshirt is easy when you’ve got pants to make the outfit. Tillys has a wide selection of different colors and styles of hoodies to pair up with any color sweatpants. Our simple The North Face sweatshirt can be paired with nearly any graphic sweatpants look, especially a matching pair of The North Face sweatpants. Black on black has endless combinations, and versatility with tonality is key.

The Layered Look

Style meets comfort in the best way when it comes to a crewneck combo. The natural effect of layering crew necks and zip-ups are a simple way to change up your everyday look. It can be as easy as putting together a simple graphic crew neck with any lightweight zip up to create the comfy layered look. Pair this style with our favorite jeans to call it a modern outfit you’ll never look back on.

Basics are Essentials
Though we love our selection of graphic hoodies, a neutral solid color look is something everyone needs. With their minimalist branding these staples are anything but basic. Our stylish hoodie selection has a wide variety of options, from a simple white Nike hoodie to neutral crews, it’s crucial you pick up a basic for your closet.

A Sporty Look
Just hop off the basketball court? Need to throw something on for the morning run or during that workout? Chill out and warm up with one of our adjustable drawstring hoodies and stylish crew necks that make any athlete feel like they’re making a fashion statement–post or pre workout and even the in-between. Take a look at our favorite Nike SB hoodie with eye catching new graphics from an iconic brand.

Hoodie Guide in Conclusion
1. Zip-Ups mean Layers – mix things up by putting on different textures and designs! A simple zip-up on its own can find itself to look slouchy.
2. Keep it modern – it’s time to donate those old high school hoodies and start looking for evergreen styles that endure the test of time. Starting with our neutrals and basics will give you a head start on your hoodie hunt.
3. Find your style – read our guidelines to find your favorite way to style up a hoodie. Take a few scrolls through our sweatshirt collection to find your favorite.