Easy Halloween Couples Costumes For You & Your Boo

Bunch of friends dressed up for a Halloween party.

With Halloween creeping up, settling on a fun Halloween costume for yourself can be tricky. But when you add another person into the mix? Now that’s scary! Whether your plans involve trick-or-treating, Halloween parties, or dressing up for the hell of it, you and the boo are going to need help brainstorming that perfect get-up. Here are 4 couples costume ideas that’ll help you conjure up a look that’s to die for.


They Are Such Dolls 

Is it even a party without Ken and Barbie? Slip inside Rasta Imposta’s Barbie and Ken Box costumes and become life-size versions of this famous duo. Channel the sunkissed, surfer vibe of Malibu Barbie and Ken or perhaps think outside the box and go as Middle-Aged Barbie and Ken. Whatever the case may be, there are tons of looks to recreate or reimagine for this iconic pair.


You’re the Yin to My Yang

Complement each other in these ying and yang costumes.
RASTA IMPOSTA Yin & Yang Couples Costume

Is he the homebody and you the adventurer? Does she like sweets while you prefer savory? We all know opposites attract, and this Rasta Imposta Yin & Yang couples costume tells it all! If you are the yin to his yang, or vice versa, you are sure to impress with this witty couple’s costume. Totally effortless, you can easily throw these tunics over anything you are wearing (if you are the last-minute type). Or you can really get into the yin-yang character by styling them with coordinating all-black or all-white outfits. Either way, you and your honey will be the highlight of the party.


All I Avo-Wanted

A super couple like yourself deserves to be each other's better half in this super food costume.
RASTA IMPOSTA Avocado Couples Costume

Complementary, irresistibly, and will cost you extra. If this sounds like your partner, we’re actually talking about every millennial’s weakness: the avocado. Team up with your other half in the Rasta Imposta Avocado Couples costume and roll through looking like a whole snack. Like guac at any party, it’ll be a smashing hit everywhere you go!


The Living Dead

If you and your sweetie prefer a more “morbid” Halloween getup, look no further than these KBW Day of the Dead Lady and Fella masks. Traditionally a Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, celebrates the deceased with skeletal-inspired make-up, colorful ensembles, and lively parties. For that upcoming Halloween soiree, get in the spirit with a little white face paint and vibrant outfits for a playful costume that celebrates both life and death. For her, snag a frilly black dress, preferably with lace or tulle accents. Slip into a pair of lace tights and curl your hair, topped with a rose-adorned headband for a traditional-inspired look. For him, throw on a white tee with a dress jacket and pants, a black top hat, and black high-top sneakers for a modern twist. If this isn’t spooky-chic, we don’t know what is!