Summer Festival Outfits Inspiration

Yay! Summer is officially here. That means pool parties, beach BBQs and summer music festivals! Whether you’ve had tickets for months or you’ve just decided to go on a whim, thinking about what clothes to bring with you to a festival is probably one of the top items on your list.

Don’t panic, whether you’re off to a country music festival or you’re planning to get up close and personal with a heavy rock festival’s mosh pit, we’ve got you covered! We’ve created a great inspo blog for all types of summer festival outfits so you can be the ultimate music fashionista.

Rave Festival Outfits

Okay, so you’re heading to a rave music festival, or perhaps your favorite rave DJ is performing at a big event and you want to look the part… either way when it comes to rave festival outfits the key is to stand out whilst also being comfortable enough to dance to the electric music for hours on end. Rave music festivals are all about bright colors and positive vibes, so be adventurous with your choice of color palette for this festival!

Brightly-patterned or neon crop tops or a cute halter top paired with some lightweight 90’s style parachute pants are a great option for dancing! Speaking of dancing…you’ll need to wear comfy shoes. So we suggest opting for a statement sneaker so you can keep dancing without crying inside (we’ve all been there)!

For something that’s bound to get people excited, why not try a funky neon patterned t-shirt or hair accessories that will light up during laser shows? Here are a few of our favorite rave festival must-haves

RSQ Womens Low Rise Parachute Pants

BLINK 182 Womens Baby Tee

Rock Festival Outfits

Going to a rock music festival? What better opportunity to show off an impressive band-tee! Think old-school Americana vibes, faux leather and black-toned or metallic fabrics to bring out your inner rock god(ess)!

A great go-to outfit for a rock festival would be a vintage-style band t-shirt, with cute leather pants or denim shorts. Pair this look with some bold platform sandals for a funky rockstar vibe. Don’t forget to add a bandana for head protection from the sun, it can also double up as a hair tie for times you want to get your dance, (or air guitar) on!

Here are a few wardrobe staples for your rock festival outfits!

PRIMITIVE x Guns N’ Roses Next Door

LEVI’S 501 High Rise Womens Denim Shorts – Quiet Riot

FULL TILT 2 Pack Bandana Love Knot Headbands

Country Music Festival Outfits

Okay, for a super dreamy country music look we’ve got some great inspo! Denim is a great option for either top or pants (or both). It’s a durable and versatile option, great for festival camping and cookouts. Cowboy boots are almost mandatory for attending a country music festival or show! They’re super cute and traditional but are also incredibly practical for spending hours outdoors listening to your favorite bands.

Embrace your inner coastal cowgirl with a cute crochet top, some denim shorts, and statement western boots. For those cooler nights, a flannel shirt will keep you warm whilst also finishing off the Western Cowgirl aesthetic.

Here are some of our top choices for Country Music Festival Outfits

SODA Orville Womens Western Boots

JOHNNY CASH Boot Womens Tee

LIONESS After Hours Womens Denim Vest

Casual Festival Outfits

If you are headed to an all-round music festival, rather than a specific genre, you may want to dress a little more casually whilst still looking cute! A floral dress or comfy jumpsuit is a great option for any festival. You’ll look great but also have a practical outfit that is flowy and comfortable, perfect for those long days outside in the summer heat.

For a flirty and fun look, pair acute butterfly t-shirt with ripped denim shorts and gold jewelry!

Remember that no matter what kind of festival you’re going to, comfortable footwear is key! Blisters aren’t cute, so make sure you choose a comfy pair of sandals or cute booties to finish off your festival look!

Cute Festival Outfits From Tillys

Whether you’ve been to more festivals than you can count, or if it’s your first time, you’ll find the perfect look for your next music festival at Tillys! From flowy summer dresses to extravagant cowboy boots, we’ve got everything you need to create the perfect festival wardrobe.

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