RSQ x Society6 Black History Month Artist Spotlight

February is Black History Month, a period of commemoration and celebration during which the
artistic, cultural, and scientific contributions of Black Americans take center
stage. In observation of Black History Month, RSQ is teaming up with Society6 to launch an
exclusive collection of tees featuring vibrant, eye-catching designs by Black Artists. Read on to meet Elise Ndri, Manzel Bowman, and Sabrena Khadija, three uniquely talented artists.

Eelise Ndri (she/her) is a digital artist and writer based in Montreal, Canada. Known for her contemporary style, Eelise creates art that is funky, spirited, and exceedingly bright. Though stylistically experimental, Eelise’s signature is consistent across her work: she finishes each piece with a single white line at eye level to open her art up to interpretation by the viewer. She was selected to collaborate with the collective group, Never Was Average, to create the iconic #BlackLivesMatter street mural in Montreal.

On how she inserts herself into her artwork: “I wanted to express the multifaceted forms of my emotions and self-identity, through a myriad of vessels, which serve as a prism into a more colorful and hopeful path.”

See more of Eelise’s imaginative illustrations on her Linktree and Society6 page.

Manzel Bowman (he/him) is an artist and best-selling Tarot deck creator based in New York. He draws inspiration from elaborate designs, producing pieces with stories that go beyond the limits of space and time. Manzel’s futuristic artwork is multidimensional, comprised of many complex details that demand the viewer’s attention.

On his cosmic creations: “My designs are inspired by everything from nature to the ineffable. I like to create imagery that captures the essence of my culture while providing an interstellar or futurist narrative.”

Check out Manzel’s otherworldly artwork on his Instagram, website, and Society6 page.

Sabrena Khadija (she/they) is a creative illustrator based in Washington, D.C. A Sierra-Leonean American and black non-binary artist, Sabrena aims to create work that inspires others, especially those searching for an inclusive setting in which to find creativity and joy.

On what inspires their art: “‘Power Flower’ is an ode to self-love, a theme I find myself constantly coming back to in my work.”

Explore Sabrena’s eye-catching designs on their Instagram, website, and Society6 page.

Black History Month is a time to recognize the rich history of Black America. Take some time this month to acknowledge the significant impact that Black Americans have had on this country through countless artistic, academic, athletic, cultural, and technological contributions over centuries of U.S. history.

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