How to Dress Like a Tomato Girl

Tomato Girl Style
As anyone with social media knows, TikTok is always generating new trends. Our feed is constantly showing us the latest cooking recipes, dances, songs… and fashion! An emerging look that’s caught our eye this season is the Tomato Girl aesthetic. Never heard of it? Don’t worry, we’re here to spill the tea and give you the ultimate style guide and inspiration for your essential summer wardrobe.

What is the Tomato Girl Style?

We won’t blame you for thinking that the tomato girl style centers around eating or cooking with tomatoes! Contrary to its name, the tomato girl aesthetic is all about embracing Mediterranean summer vibes.

Think: lounging in a Greek taverna or Italian vineyard, sipping spritz cocktails, and incorporating the color red into your daily outfits. Breezy skirts, romantic dresses, and linen tops all represent the vibrant European summer look with a strong hint of tomato: bold and colorful tones! A vintage touch is also key to mastering the tomato girl aesthetic: a classic headscarf paired with a crochet top is sure to enhance the Mediterranean look.

How To Dress Like a Tomato Girl?

The greatest part of the tomato girl trend is its minimalism and versatility, as there’s no set way to pull off this particular look! It’s more about how Mediterranean culture, food, and warm weather translate into an outfit. Whether you’re packing for a vacation to the Italian, French, or Greek coastline, or just hitting the beach at home, we’ve got some great style ideas and inspo to help you effortlessly pull off the tomato girl look!

Timeless Attire

One way you can rock the tomato girl look is by embracing timeless pieces of clothing as in, for example, classy Italian vintage. Avoid wearing branded clothing items and garments with flashy logos and opt for more neutral pieces like secondhand clothing and hand-me-downs. Choosing items with little to no logos will create a more rustic and easy-going look, perfect for your tomato girl wardrobe!
Gingham or floral dresses and tops are a great example of vintage Mediterranean style!

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Brighten up your wardrobe

Though much of the tomato girl trend relies on incorporating bright and Mediterranean colors into your outfit, we’re not suggesting that every part of your look needs to be a bright red or orange! Opt for a toned-down lemon-colored top or a dress with embroidered details.

Try to include a red or green accessory when wearing a neutral piece such as a blouse or dress. This way you’ll avoid clashing colors whilst still appearing effortlessly bright and summery!

Another means of embracing the tomato girl aesthetic is by wearing footwear that falls into the Mediterranean color palette. A burnt orange or tan sandal, espadrille, or cute wedge paired with a neutral dress will give the perfect pop of color whilst still looking minimalist!

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Tomato Girl Textures

Forget your skinny jeans or black workout leggings. Breezy textures and comfortable fabrics are what make the tomato girl aesthetic so enjoyable and iconic. Linen tops, skirts, and trousers create an easy-going look while offering a cooler alternative to jeans or jerseys.

Crotchet tops are another way to add some tomato girl texture to your fits. A babydoll dress is a practical beach cover-up that can also be paired with a cute straw hat. If you’re planning a day of sightseeing around a rustic Italian town, then perhaps a crochet top with a maxi skirt or wide leg pants is more your style. Either way, adding textures to your outfits will help to create that easy-going aesthetic.

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