Vans And The Wizarding World Bring Muggles A Magical Collection

Witches, wizards, muggles, and half-bloods alike, the wait is over. Vans x Harry Potter has concocted a magical collection featuring clothing, shoes, and accessories, all in honor of the wonderful Wizarding World. Now if you think getting a Hogwarts acceptance letter is mind-blowing, wait till you see what kind of top-of-the-line novelties this crossover has to offer. So sit back, (try to) relax, and enjoy that butterbeer, here are some of our standalone favorites.


Calling all valiant thrill seekers! You might belong in Gryffindor if you’re down with epic adventures and always do what is right. Other notable traits of this fearless house include impulsive acts of bravery, occasionally breaking rules for the greater good, and picking a dare over truth. To put it simply, Gryffindors are natural leaders who always have your back.

VANS x Harry Potter Gryffindor Sk8-Hi Shoes

Who wouldn’t want to stand beside everyone’s favorite Hogwarts heroes? Represent your beloved house with these enchanting limited edition Harry Potter Sk8-Hi’s. It’s bold stripes and iconic lion encrusted sigil are a testament to your Gryffindor allegiance.


You’re determined, fiercely competitive, and maybe a tad overly ambitious. Congrats, Slytherin will impassively recruit you to help achieve their ends. Others may perceive you as icy, but that doesn’t obstruct your meticulously calculated path because their opinion is irrelevant. No goal is too far to reach in the eyes of a true Ssslytherin.

VANS x Harry Potter Slytherin Era Shoes

Slither into these bewitching Slytherin Era shoes. With a snakeskin-like suede upper, it’s impossible to mistake where your loyalty lies. Green is undoubtedly a superior color on you.


Loyal, just, hardworking, and kind – are but a few traits to describe the most underrated house in Hogwarts. These aren’t expendable traits anyone can possess. During the Battle of Hogwarts, Hufflepuffs stayed and fought, not for pride or glory, but for what they believed was right. Qualities like these arguably make Hufflepuff the most well-rounded of the four houses.

VANS x Harry Potter Hufflepuff Classic Slip-On Shoes

These sleek and comfy Hufflepuff Slip-Ons will have you shouting “Accio” before you make your way through the corridors of Hogwarts or the shops at Hogsmeade. With the fierce badger and “Hufflepuff” script embroidered center front, any witch, wizard or elf will know exactly what house you’re representing!  But don’t be fooled by the daunting black exterior, the interior lining radiates yellow, casting a colorful and inviting glow. Whatever your house may be, anyone can rock these Hufflepuff Classics.


Known for their wit, individuality, and thirst for knowledge, Ravenclaws are the thinkers who value learning above all else. Unlike the other common rooms, Ravenclaw Tower is neither hidden or disguised but features a plain door with an eagle-shaped door knocker. In order to be invited in, a visitor must successfully answer the riddle presented. If incorrect, they must wait till someone else can answer correctly. Those who constantly put their best foot forward and always leave their thinking caps on are none other than the Ravenclaws.

VANS x Harry Potter Ravenclaw Checkerboard Authentic Shoes

These eye-catching Ravenclaw Checkerboard Authentic will have people stopping in their tracks like Immobulus was cast. Merging Van’s iconic checkerboard design and Ravenclaw’s house color, these sweet lace-ups feature a Ravenclaw patch at the tongue – in case it wasn’t already obvious.

Undecided and divided?

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