Wearing the Classics: TV & Movie Clothing

Wearing the Classics: TV & Movie Clothing

How to be a real fan

Binge watching a series? Having a movie night? Maybe you’re just in the mood to enter into a different reality with your favorite characters. What better way to chill than to find graphic tees designed for your favorite show. Share them, wear them with your friends, and represent your favorite movies and shows.


For Starters: The Breakfast Club

Start your morning with nothing else than a shirt from The Breakfast Club. Take it back to a vintage 80’s style with this amazing and classic movie by pairing up any t-shirt with one of your favorite pairs of jeans. Even John Bender and Claire would agree that they would want you wearing this, too.


Take a Trip to the Outer Banks

If you want to spice up your wardrobe to make you feel like it’s summer again, head straight for our Outer Banks collection. With a variety of graphic designs to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a style that suits your OBX obsession. Whether you’re fangirling over John B or looking for any graphic tee to rep the show, we have you covered.


Kick it Back with Friends

Another oldie for you to rep is none other than our Friends merch. With classic quotes and graphics, these tees will connect you to other Friends lovers out there. Stroll on into Central Perk (or any of your local coffee shops) to feel right at home. Throw on a pair of everyday sneakers for a casual, everyday look.


May Your Wardrobe be With You

Looking for your Princess Leia? Make sure to check out our range of Star Wars clothing. Our selection of graphic tees, tanks, and sweatshirts are the perfect attire for any of the Star Wars movies. Just grab some popcorn and some friends to watch, and you’re good to go!

Wearing your favorite TV show or movie while watching them automatically makes you a superfan. Dive into any of our categories in our TV and Movie clothing to take your outfits to the next level. Check out our tees, tanks, and more and shop today!